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Sobriety Counter - EasyQuit is a life-enhancing application meticulously designed to empower individuals on their journey towards sobriety. It serves as a digital companion, offering a comprehensive platform to track and celebrate the milestones of a sober lifestyle. With its user-friendly interface and robust features, this app transforms the challenging path of quitting alcohol or any addictive substances into a manageable and inspiring experience.


The application boasts a myriad of functionalities tailored for users committed to sobriety. It includes a sobriety tracker that precisely calculates days, hours, and even minutes of abstinence, providing instant motivation. A customizable dashboard allows users to set personal goals, while the journal feature encourages daily reflections to reinforce commitment and self-awareness. Additionally, it offers motivational quotes, achievement badges, and a supportive community forum where users can share their stories and find encouragement.

User experience

EasyQuit’s user experience is seamless and intuitive, ensuring that even first-time users can navigate the app with ease. Its clean design and well-organized layout promote focus on the recovery process without any distractions. Regular updates and responsive customer support ensure any technical issues are promptly addressed. Users appreciate the sense of accomplishment from seeing their progress visually represented and find the community aspect particularly uplifting, fostering a sense of belonging and understanding.


One of the key advantages of Sobriety Counter - EasyQuit lies in its ability to personalize the sobriety journey. The app adapts to individual preferences, allowing users to set reminders, choose from various tracking units, and even add personal milestones beyond sobriety days. Its privacy settings ensure sensitive data remains secure, fostering trust. Furthermore, the integration of positive reinforcement techniques and access to a supportive online community contribute significantly to user motivation and long-term success.


While Sobriety Counter - EasyQuit excels in many areas, there is room for enhancement. Some users have reported a desire for more detailed analytics and reporting on their sobriety patterns. The lack of integration with wearable devices for more precise tracking is another area of improvement mentioned. Lastly, while the community feature is beneficial, moderation could be improved to ensure a consistently safe and positive environment for all users. Despite these minor shortcomings, the app continues to make a significant impact on users’ lives.



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sobriety counter app to help and motivate people to stop drinking alcohol


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User review


Jordan Anderson

Feb 13, 2024

It shows you how much money you've saved, let's you set prizes you'll get with said saved money. It has a game for when you are craving alcohol and need to keep your mind busy. It has tons of helpful tips for all sorts of situations and moods. Theres so much more to this app, but my favorite feature is that it real time tells you what's happening I'm your body so you can see that your body is actively working to fix all the damage we've done. Seriously so amazing!!!


Claire Grow

Mar 30, 2024

On & off for years (irregularity is on me, not the app) & I love it. First chose it because of color theme, but ultimately keep going back to it because the health countdowns. Many reasons why I go through phases of sobriety but it's almost always related to one of the health countdown tiles (sleep, heart health, mental clarity, weight, etc). Love that it gives me a general idea of what truly benefits me from lack of alc. Love the refinements made over the years, making it flexible & fun.


Joleen Swan

Feb 1, 2024

On my toughest days, this app serves as my anchor. Tracking progress and visualizing goals fuel my determination. The trophy reminders offer a crucial boost. It's more than an app; it's my lifeline. Despite the absence of a community, its user-friendly features enhance accountability. Invaluable on my sobriety journey, turning challenges into triumphs. Highly recommended for those seeking a compassionate tool in recovery.


Heather M

Jun 24, 2024

I like the app for its purpose. Although, I wish you could have multiple counters. For example, I quit smoking cigarettes as well as alcohol, but at different times. Also maybe have a countdown, maybe for a goal, like from all the money you saved, like a vacation. Also what are the treats for???


Adam Sawyer

Mar 1, 2024

great App for self quitters like me. it does need something like an updated daily or a weekly page w reasons WHY NOT Drinking is Awesome. other than that? Simple, effective App for an absolutely life changing issue. Almost at a year w App. Thank you for its simplicity. ❤️ This app. Started drinking moderately, slipped a little. Health started waning, skin was blotchy. Use this app to quit again to remind myself of why I even did. Alcohol= Toxicity


philip Johnson

Jul 3, 2024

Great app to help keep you on track! Whether your just having a few weeks off or going the long haul, keeping track of regained health, saved $ or passed drinks is a great way to keep the motivation high.. Excellent app, five stars


Jessica Barajas

Feb 1, 2024

I really enjoy this app. I enjoy a lot of color, and this app helps with that. I enjoy all its features; no need to pay for a subscription in order to use everything. And I like the 'Beat the urge' game option. Helps distract, help create memory, and a new reward system. Thanks so much!


Darienne Sales

Apr 8, 2024

This app has been very helpful in not only tracking time, but also helping to encourage with stats and even a game to distract. I really appreciate the notifications as the reminders are a good motivator to keep going.


Emily Garrett

May 28, 2024

Motivating and easy to navigate. Love how it tracks a lot of goals at the beginning... feels like a bunch of tiny wins that really motivates (at least my personality type) to keep going for the longer goals.


Criisp Official

Jul 5, 2024

I Just found this App. I have been drinking everyday for the last 6 years. Last night I decided to put the Beer down for good. Although it is only Day 1, I am now 8 hrs into my day and haven't even thought about a Beer :) I love this App, the guidance it gives along with the nice features to keep you on track to living a healthier happier life. Will Rewrite another review in 3 months. 1 day at a time is all it takes.