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Christmas Countdown is a delightful and engaging application designed to ignite the festive spirit in the hearts of users well before the jingle bells start ringing. This digital advent calendar not only counts down the days until Christmas but also wraps users in a warm embrace of Yuletide cheer with its charming design and features. Get ready to make every day a little more magical as you anticipate the most wonderful time of the year.


The app offers a myriad of functionalities to enhance your holiday experience. It includes a real-time countdown timer that precisely marks each second left until Christmas Day. Users can enjoy festive backgrounds and customizable themes, setting the mood for the season. Additionally, it provides daily doses of holiday inspiration such as recipes, decoration ideas, and heartwarming quotes. An integrated calendar highlights important dates like St. Nicholas Day and Hanukkah, ensuring no celebration is overlooked.

User experience

From the moment you launch Christmas Countdown, you're greeted with an interface that oozes holiday charm. The intuitive navigation allows users of all ages to dive into the festivities effortlessly. The app’s push notifications can be personalized to deliver cheerful reminders or exciting trivia, fostering a sense of daily excitement. Users appreciate the sense of community fostered through shared experiences, as they can connect with friends and family to compare countdowns or share their favorite traditions.


One of the key advantages of Christmas Countdown is its ability to foster anticipation and joy in a busy world, reminding users to slow down and savor the season. Its versatility, offering both traditional and modern elements of Christmas, caters to a wide audience. The inclusion of family-friendly activities encourages bonding and creates new traditions. Moreover, the app's offline functionality ensures the countdown continues uninterrupted, even without internet connectivity. With regular updates and fresh content annually, Christmas Countdown remains a timeless companion for the holidays.


While Christmas Countdown excels in creating a festive atmosphere, some users may find the range of customization options limited compared to other lifestyle apps. The integration of social media sharing could be more seamless for those eager to spread the holiday cheer across platforms. Additionally, though the app is family-friendly, a dedicated section for children’s activities might further enhance its appeal to young users. Lastly, the app’s focus on Christmas could leave users celebrating other winter holidays渴望 for more inclusive content.



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Count down to Christmas with music, snow and lots of customization!


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Package Namecom.syncostyle.onethingchristmas
Version NameV23.0.0
Version Code2300000
File Size9.1 MB
Update time2023-01-13 08:00:00
SystemAndroid 5.1+ (Lollipop MR1, API 22)

User review


Lou Whitehorn

Dec 13, 2020

First year to try this app and liked it so much I have upgraded so that I can get more features. I like the chatty feel of the advent calendar rather than it just being a picture. The snowflake thing is still a little confusing though, despite having finally, randomly caught the rainbow one when I wasn't trying! I have put the countdown as a widget on my homescreen but its a bit obtrusive, even after resizing. Definitely worth a try though for a nice moments diversion each day.


Amorette Frances

Dec 25, 2021

A little Christmas fun. There is a Premium option, which I didn't do, the free option was good enough. You have the countdown with backgrounds and characters to choose from, and how you wish to countdown (I chose sleeps, but you can do days, hours etc). From December 1st you have the advent calendar, with activity suggestions and a song recommendation; keep your eyes open for hidden decorations throughout the app to use on your tree. It's a great little app to for the festive season.


Kathleen Conrad

Dec 13, 2021

2021, This is still a favorite app of mine. My favorite App ever. I paid to get more themes and the widget. I have really enjoyed each surprise. There's a great music video, something personal and a fun fact. A lot went into this app and I will look forward to next year's. Thanks for an enjoyable fun calendar. I can't say enough great things about it.


Chelsea Butcher

Dec 5, 2020

Love this app. Keep it all year round. However, I will say that this rainbow snowflake is harder to tap on than it should be. Whatever is supposed to happen, the only thing that occurs is my countdown changing form. It's a little frustrating, after about 10 times and not catching it. But overall, I really like this app. It is the best Christmas countdown I have found. :)



Dec 13, 2021

Honestly, this is the ultimate app for Christmas lovers. The countdown itself is perfect, it plays a variety of songs with great customisable options. The increase in snow around December is great too. If it was just this, the app would still be 5 stars... But it's not! The developer clearly put their heart and soul into this app, there's an Advent Calendar to open every day with nice Christmas ideas and a tree! I know the tree is new, but I'd like to be able to put lights and tinsel on it.


Isabela Chica

Dec 24, 2022

It's a great app if you're always excited about Christmas, and it gets you into the mood, I love it! ~ It's been a year and the app has new features that are just so lovely! This Calendar is really cute and it makes you feel all Christmassy ♡. ~ Now it's 2022 and I wasn't able to be up to date with the calendar but the ideas for every day are just wonderful, hope I get to do them well next year! ❤️


Chris Kehoe

Dec 25, 2020

Brilliant app! As a person who loves Christmas, this app really got me in the spirit! It makes you happy everyday, and one of my favourite things about the app is that the time is correct for every time zone. It is very customisable and well developed, and I think it is just sensational. Literally the only issue I had with the app is that with the snowflakes, it gave me one new type of snowflake and that is it. Although, overall, would definitely recommend!


Vivi Vas

Aug 10, 2020

It is awesome! I really recommend it! I come back to this every year!!! It might seem odd that I have this app in August, but I just enjoy the countdown feeling. I absolutely recommend it! Only one thing that I miss about the last year's version and that is the snowflake thing. You could've unlocked different sort of snowflakes by tapping the screen. If you were to bring that back, I'd be happy. Oh, and one more thing: leave at least one widget for the free version please. All my support!


Jessica Reay

Dec 13, 2020

Great app It's a very well put together app also it has a number of great things on it. For example it has a lot of different backgrounds music options and different boxes to tell you how long it is till Christmas. The price for the premium options isn't actually that expensive as well and it is definitely worth the price. Also the closer it gets to Christmas you get a virtual advent calendar and new wallpapers. overall great app!


lenalee Leelee

Dec 13, 2020

This app is amazing! There's a great countdown which you can customize and it counts down by every second! You can get a song to play in the background as well. On December 1st, you get to start an advent calendar on the app. I love customizing the countdown and they leave great suggestions for what you should do in December! The only little problem is that there's premium so you can't have certain backgrounds and songs. I 100 percent recommend this app!